Looking for After School care or an after school activity club in Clarkston which is a little bit different?

Being outdoors has a multitude of benefits for your child, and there is a huge change in mindset with the Government looking to promote a more healthy lifestyle and encouraging everyone to spend more time out side in a natural environment.

Some benefits are:

Improved mental health and wellbeing – hugely important for our children to spend time in a natural environment even if it is in an urban space. Being outdoor has a huge impact on our mental wellbeing, feel stressed? go walk in the woods and feel the stress leave us – it is the same for our children – after a day in school, where would they rather be? a gym hall or in a wood making a den or cooking toasties on the fire?

Increase in Vitamin D – Scotland has very poor sunlight levels leading to a higher instance of Vitamin D deficiency problems.

Better physical fitness – being outside encourages children to run and explore, climbing tree’s, playing on uneven surfaces – improving general fitness, better balance & improved gross motor skills.

Better eyesight – new evidence that spending more time in natural daylight helps maintain better eyesight.

Encouraging social interactions – children are increasingly spending more time on screens and interacting in a virtual world, which decreases their time interacting in the real world, missing out the essentials in social skills & problem solving.

Learning life skills – children are losing key life skills like knife skills, knitting, fire skills, learning about growing/producing your own food, cooking etc, with us, we let children prepare and cook food from scratch, learn about using knives correctly and safely. We teach children how to use fire safely, and how it can produce lovely tasting food, and not just marshmallows (although they are a tasty treat!)

With Off Grid Kids After School you will have two options, Monday through to Thursday:

1. After School Club with collection from:

Carolside Primary (Monday – Thursday), 

Giffnock Primary (Monday – Thursday)

Kirkhill Primary (Monday – Thursday)

St Joseph’s Primary (Monday – Thursday)

Mearns Primary (Tues)

2. After School Club where your child is dropped with us at 3.45pm Monday to Thursday

Pick up time for both options is 5.50pm.

Both options offer the same unique experience……….

We will use the facilities at 121 Scout Hall, Clarkston to get changed and use the toilets before we go out into the woods for various activities and snacks

Please note that those children being dropped with us at 4pm should be brought changed and ready to play.

We have access to the woodland directly behind the Scout Hall in Clarkston to encourage den building, cooking, designing and making their own crafts, developing fantastic life skills or just playing with their friends.

With us children learn to risk assess their own activities, gain confidence in their own abilities, learn new skills and are encouraged to pass on their learning to the other children in the group.

We are outdoor all weather, but we have lots of shelters to keep us dryer and warmer, and use fires in the colder months to cook hot food or drinks to top up the children while they play.

All this takes place in a supportive environment led by experienced & qualified staff with a ratio of 1:6.  We follow the Forest School ethos of putting the child at the centre of their own learning, encouraging them to develop the service so it belongs to them.

At our last Care Inspection we were awarded ratings of Excellent (grade 6 – can’t get better than that!) for Quality of care and support & Quality of environment. For Quality of staffing Very Good (5)

For more information you can download the report from here:

Inspection Report 2017

Still not sure?

Come for a visit and see for yourself why we deserve our grading! 

For further information please
contact us on the following:

Aidans Brae, Clarkston
Glasgow  G76 7EP

Tel: 07769229503

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